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Revelation Chalk Art Ministry
926 Little River Road
Social Circle, GA 30025

(770) 464-4303

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About Us

Gloria and Joseph Malcom were married in 1985. They have two children, Michelle and Daniel. They are active members of CrossRoads Baptist Church, in Social Circle, GA. Gloria is a self taught artist whose interest began in high school, but she did not pursue art until both their children were in school. In 1996, Jerry Long introduced her to this art ministry at Camp Eunice Christian Youth Camp in Roberta, Georgia. Christ used this experience to lead Gloria to use her God-given talent for the Lord to impact other souls and lives in addition to her own.

In 1986, Joseph began teaching youth and adults in Sunday School. He has also been involved in bus ministry and in prayer ministry. In 2003, he was led by the Lord to join Gloria in this ministry by speaking. They have both worked with children in the AWANA program at church and are summer staff members at Camp Eunice.

Artwork by Gloria Malcom can be seen and/or acquired at her home studio in Social Circle, Georgia. She is also available for commissioned work; such as murals, acrylic and water color paintings, pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, chalk and pastel drawings.

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