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Revelation Chalk Art Ministry
926 Little River Road
Social Circle, GA 30025

(770) 464-4303

For more information, or to schedule a Revelation Chalk Art presentation, please call or to sent us an email.

What is Revelation Chalk Art?

Revelation Chalk Art is a unique way of presenting a message about Christ through the use of chalk, a black light system, music, Scripture and prayer. A hidden picture is drawn by Gloria at home using “invisible” chalk. Scripture is read that is related to the topic of the drawing. The foreground picture is drawn while others are watching and listening to religious music. Gloria then uses the black light system to illuminate the hidden picture. A few more words are spoken about the true meaning of the picture. A time of meditation and prayer concludes the service.

Presentations usually last 25 to 30 minutes, depending upon the topic. Themes are available for age groups ranging from 4 years to senior citizens. The church or group may keep the picture. Love offerings and donations to offset the cost of supplies and related expenses will be appreciated. Please give to this ministry according to how God has blessed you so others may be blessed as well.

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