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Revelation Chalk Art Ministry
926 Little River Road
Social Circle, GA 30025

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Title Theme
God is in Control Our God Reigns
Garden of Eden God's Creation
Beauty of the Land God's Creation
How Great Thou Art God's Handiwork
Rivers of Living Waters God's Word
Thirst for Truth God's Word
In His Hand God's Caring
In His Time God's Perfect Timing
Noah's Ark God's Covenant
Rainbow God's Covenant
Father Abraham Faith
Burning Bush God's Faithfulness
His Righteousness God's Forgiveness
Three Amigos Faith
Daniel in the Lions' Den Faith
Word Became Flesh Christ's Birth
Bethlehem Christ's Birth
Away in the Manger Christmas
Lion and the Lamb Peace/Christmas
Lights of Christmas (2) Christmas
Healing of the Blind Christ's Ministry
Healing of the Lame Christ's Ministry
Garden of Gethsemane Prayer
I Am the Way Crucifixion
The Old Rugged Cross Crucifixion
Precious Blood of Jesus Crucifixion
The Tomb Resurrection
The Dogwood Legend of the Dogwood
The Two Ways (2) Heaven and Hell
At Calvary Salvation
The Great Divide Salvation
Bread of Life Communion
Broken Hearted Repentance
The Stormy Sea I Jesus Is Our Lighthouse
The Stormy Sea II The Anchor Holds
The Stormy Sea III Christ Our Captain
Pathways of Life Trust
Peace Like a River Peace
He Touched Me Prayer
On a Wing and a Prayer Patience
Oh Ye of Little Faith Faith
The Footprints of God God's Faithfulness
Sheep of the Field Jesus Our Shepherd
Keep the Candle Burning Witnessing
Go Teach All Nations Evangelism
Fisherman Evangelism
A Dream of Peace Holy Spirit
The Broken Vessel Potter and the Clay
The End of the Way Death
Welcome Home Heavenly Homecoming
Going Home Second Coming
Homeward Bound Second Coming
Who Done It? Second Coming (kids)
Jaws of Death Second Coming (teen)
True Love Valentine's Day
Mother's Bible  Mother's Day
Mother's Love Mother's Day
Patriotic Prayer July 4th
Independence Day July 4th
Allegiance to the Lamb July 4th, Memorial Day
The Pilgrims' Story Thanksgiving
The Horn of Plenty Thanksgiving
Oh, Give Thanks Thanksgiving
The Harvest Reap What We Sow
Painting Your Vision Vision/Setting Goals
Graduation Class School Goals
Beatitudes for Parents Parenting
Tis Springtime Renewal of Earth/Spirit
The Prodigal Son Unconditional Love

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